November 4, 2015

This is a fairly epic level of cosplay.


November 3, 2015


Put pen to paper for the first time in an age. Molly tried to ‘help’ once or twice but mostly tried to explain I was supposed to stroking, not inking.

Crocheted Skeletons

July 20, 2015

These are pretty creepy. Good, but creepy.

Crocheted animal skeletons:


Fairy Doors

March 4, 2015

Hundreds of fairy doors have been attached to the bases of trees in Wayford Woods, Crewkerne.

It is claimed the doors have been installed by local people so children can “leave messages for the fairies”.

But trustee Steven Acreman said: “We’ve got little doors everywhere. We’re not anti-fairies but it’s in danger of getting out of control.”

But I love tiny doors! I even like the doors in Lakeside that are big enough for human to stoop through but (as far as I can tell) have no logical reason to not be human sized. If the fairy doors are damaging the trees or endangering wildlife then ok, but otherwise they’re ace!

Though reading more it sounds like they’re getting some shit ones. Hmm. Does there need to be quality control of fairy doors? Maybe. But what if that’s what the fairies like?

NB: Not to be confused with:

(I tried to find one that had the “Last Man on Earth” Scary Door episode but now there’s a new series called “The Last Man on Earth” that’s what all the search results are for :( )

Grow-your-own Great Old One

January 27, 2015


These are the best!

LA-based designer and art director Cathy Van Hoang had the novel idea of using sea urchin shells as upside down planters for air plants to create little aerial jellyfish.

You can buy them from her Etsy shop. These are just brilliant!

(via Colossal)


July 24, 2010

Its been a long road. Seventeen months, countless hours, multiple dead ends, hundreds of lessons learned, and one helmet made.


For the full build notes check out the blog, or for seventeen months of love and labour condensed into 3 minutes check the video: