July 17, 2016


Cap for funsies. Mostly playing with outlines on my charges, adding helms and mantles, and crests. Thinking of working this up into a set.

What’s so civil about war anyway?

March 11, 2016

Planet Hulk

April 3, 2015

Easily the part of Marvel’s upcoming Secret Wars I’m most looking forward to:

Steve Rogers (aka Captain America) and Devil Dinosaur (a super-strong, sentient, red T-Rex) as gladiators taking on all-comers in Greenland, so-called for its inhabitants (you won’t like them when they’re angry).

Need further convincing? Try this take on Cap for size:


For more sneak-peeks check out Marc Laming on Twitter.

Age of Ultron

March 19, 2015

How many times have I posted about Avengers recently? Lots. But I don’t care. I am SO EXCITED.

I can haz?

March 4, 2015



February 5, 2015

This makes me smile; easily my two favourite Chrisses.