March 6, 2016


One of a set by Butcher Billy.

And the stars look very different today

January 11, 2016

Very sad news to wake up to.

My Dad met him twice when they were both fairly young men, my Dad would’ve been in his early 20s, David in his late 20s. He made my Dad tea while my Dad fixed his answerphone. When my Dad had to go back to fix it again a few months later he remembered how my Dad took his tea.

Might post some more things in the coming days but for now let’s leave you with Helen Green’s wonderful illustrations of Bowie’s reinventions:


Ground Control to Top Space Man

May 28, 2015

This is a sweded parody of “Space Oddity,” the David Bowie song (and music video). The lyrics contain only the thousand most common words in English. It’s a loving tribute to David Bowie and it’s inspired by Flight of the Conchords, Michel Gondry, and especially the Up-Goer Five diagram by Randall Munroe.

On a related note, Randall Munroe’s next book will be Thing Explainer, an extension of his Up Goer Five strip a few years ago. It will probably be worth your money if What If? is anything to go by.

(via Waxy)