Eagle Club

June 19, 2015

Tickling a dinosaur like it’s a kitten? Want.

Eagle Club

May 3, 2015


From a cracking series of animal portraits by Troy Moth.

Bird’s-eye view

September 30, 2014

More eagles.

Before they pass away

September 26, 2014

Before They Pass Away is a photography project by Jimmy Nelson; across a series of journeys he embedded himself with 31 indigenous tribes around the world and took their portraits. His technique gives the photos a painterly, vintage quality:


The site is well worth a visit, there must be hundreds of photos there: people, families, their homes, landscapes. Really beautiful stuff.

And yes that is a golden eagle, our Kazakh friend no doubt a fellow member of Eagle Club.

World’s most awesomely awesome flag

December 2, 2009

As suggested by Senor Wignall:


Thinking about it a far more sensible way to do it would be to just take the cool parts of the cool flags and construct an uber-flag .

My 5 minute lunchtime effort is: Eagle eating Snake + Two Headed Eagle + Dragon + Maasai Spears & Shield + Two Snowlions + Man behing beheaded:


I think if the rules could be bent to allow non-national flags there could be some awesome mashups as provincial flags and royal standards get all the cool stuff. That said if we were to allow them there’s only one flag we’d need:


It’s a bear holding a freakin waraxe. Thank you Yaroslavl Oblast.

Eagle Club?

March 2, 2009

The perpetually awesome Big Picture has some great photos of a Kyrgyzstani hunting festival. Some of the wolf-baiting shots are a bit vicious but the Golden Eagles are amazing.