November 19, 2014

So, this is pretty cool. It helps a lot that Empire is ace, and as the darkest of the films this Nolan-style trailer works well.

It’s a far cry from the original trailers.

Yoda Mk I

October 13, 2010


A monkey is outfitted with a cane and a mask and measured. The simian was also briefly considered for walking shots of Minch-Yoda that would have been impossible to execute with a puppet.

Vanity Fair has a collection of shots from the new Making of Empire book.

Awesome Empire Poster

August 16, 2010

By Strongstuff:


Done in 60 Seconds

March 21, 2010

The Evil Dead in clay for Empire’s Done in 60 Seconds.

Of the shortlisted entries I think this, There Will Be Blood, Roger Rabbit and animated Predator are probably my favourites, though I also quite like this District 9 that didn’t make the shortlist:

I’ll have what she’s having

October 29, 2009

It’s probably been there for a while but I’ve only just spotted Empire’s Top 50 Movie Finishing Moves. How Richter’s arm/elevator death from Total Recall didn’t make the list I don’t know.

And for anyone confused about the subject title, it’s just been revoked.