April 12, 2010

A spot-on assessement by Phil Gyford:


The current trend is definitely producing more graphics than information. This is also semi-relevant to some work I’ll be picking up later this week relating to our recent student survey, let’s see how many graphs I can use to convey, “cheaper drinks”…

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The Strange Country

March 28, 2010

A pretty weird infographic film about Japan.

Japan-The Strange Country (English ver.) from Kenichi on Vimeo.


March 24, 2010

If the population of the US were to all live in one state at the population density of Brooklyn they would fit into New Hampshire, the fifth smallest state (and home of Jed Bartlet).


As a take on the theme of Neighbourhood I’m surprised this didn’t win GOOD’s latest infographic competition.

Also to give a bit of context, at the same sort of density the population of England would fit in Suffolk, the Scots would fit on one of the inner Hebrides, the Welsh wouldn’t be far off squeezing into Newport and everyone living on the island of Ireland could move to the Isle of Man and they’d still have room for a park or two.


October 24, 2009


Ever wondered what $1bn could buy you? Well actually this won’t be of much use to you – if, however, you wanted to know what 10, 20, 50, 100 or 3000 billion dollars could buy you then it might come in handy.

If these figures are accurate it’s slightly scary to think that one man has the money to save the Amazon twice over, and that the internet porn industry generates enough revenue to feed and educate every child on Earth.


September 23, 2009

Personas shows you how the Internet sees you.  Upon entering a name, it scours the Internet looking for characterizing statements to use in its analysis.  After suitable information has been found, the viewer watches as the machine tries to make sense of the displayed text.  Once it has reached its final conclusions, the resulting “Personas vector” is displayed and annotated with a minimal legend.

It’s a bit silly really but here’s my ‘Persona’ anyway (click for bigger):


Mine clearly reflects the various sportsmen and sports writers I share my name with as well as the W3C Dan Connolly.

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PotW – 10/7/09

July 10, 2009