March 24, 2010

If the population of the US were to all live in one state at the population density of Brooklyn they would fit into New Hampshire, the fifth smallest state (and home of Jed Bartlet).


As a take on the theme of Neighbourhood I’m surprised this didn’t win GOOD’s latest infographic competition.

Also to give a bit of context, at the same sort of density the population of England would fit in Suffolk, the Scots would fit on one of the inner Hebrides, the Welsh wouldn’t be far off squeezing into Newport and everyone living on the island of Ireland could move to the Isle of Man and they’d still have room for a park or two.

40 Shades of Green

March 18, 2010


Ireland as photographed by NASA (via Flickr)

This again please

February 11, 2010


November 28, 2009

A calendar year rather than a season but either way a good year for Irish rugby. The Six Nations (and the Grand Slam), the scalp of the World & Tri-Nation Champions and the Churchill Cup.

In real terms that means we finished last season with only one loss (New Zealand) and as the top ranked Northern Hemisphere team. We’re currently just below France (by thousands of a point) so if the Kiwis win we move back up to be the top ranked Northern Hemisphere side, and depending what happens in Cardiff we could finish the day as high as third.

Now by my reckoning there’s just one more thing to win this year.

Jonny Sexton at 10

November 24, 2009

(At the risk of jinxing it by saying it out loud) If we beat the Boks this weekend we will have had an unbeaten year. So no pressure Jonny.

With Luke Fitzgerald out for a while Keith Earls is on the wing, hopefully his Summer with the Lions will act as a nice bit of prep for the Springboks even if his tour was a bit hit and miss and we’ve got the back row that should’ve been in the Lions tests so this game should be a good ‘un.

Especially if Cian Healy manages to pull another run like this out of the bag:

Yes We Can

February 6, 2009

Can Ireland still trust in BOD?

I don’t want to say too much because I always get a bit paranoid about jinxing our chances but I’m definitely pretty excited (where by pretty excited I mean super-psyched) about the Six Nations this year.

I think the schedule is good for us and although I don’t agree with leaving out Eoin Reddan I think the rest of the team for our opener is the right one and without a doubt BOD should be our captain.

Also interested to see how Bergamasco gets on at scrum half