This link was originally titled, “These make my rabbits look a bit rubbish,” but then the bloody cleaner threw them away, so it’s now, “In Memoriam to my Rabbits.” If celebrities moved to Oklahoma Catrabbit Eclipse Picture Pig Wind in the Willows Looks good enough to eat? “Nor, as the New Zealand media have observed, [...]

PotW – 24/7/09

posted on July 23, 2009

Rubik’s World War III Propaganda Babes of the BNP Billie Jean + Geeks Is it always illegal to kill a woman? Flight of the Conchords (thx to Spinks) Rice Paddies 09 John MacConnell Have you seen this Cat? (thx to Haynes) Petabyte? (thx to Gatsby) The Invention of Lying

PotW – 10/7/09

posted on July 10, 2009

Until we’re all shitting rainbows

posted on July 4, 2009

Sort of like a Stairway to Heaven? Tsutomu Yamaguchi Rendering Eye Spy Glasto (I’m 90% certain I’m standing about 2m out of shot to the left on number 30) With Attitude? MTV £10 Pom Jacko: Moves Risk Patents Plastinated? Moonwalk B3ta Zombieconomy MJ vs MJ I’ll Be There

PotW – 3/7/09

posted on July 3, 2009

I was thinking about things I’ve done that I generally forget I’ve done most of the time and though I’ve never really read any of those ’100 Things to do before you Die’ type lists I imagine these are the sort of things that appear on them: Flown a helicopter Hugged a koala Eaten Sashimi [...]

All these things that I’ve done

posted on January 26, 2009