Mr Wednesday

March 3, 2016


Mr Holmes

March 8, 2015

There was a glorious moment when I thought this might be based on Neil Gaiman’s story from a Study in Sherlock, even so I’m looking forward to seeing McKellen as Holmes.

…of the Decade

January 6, 2010

Probably to be added to at a later date but I reckon these are my favourite X from 2000-2009.


  • Memento
  • O Brother, Where Art Thou?
  • Spirited Away
  • Shaun Of The Dead


  • The Wire
  • The West Wing (it started ’99 but was mainly in the noughties)
  • Arrested Development
  • Spaced (again, started ’99 but series 2 was ’01 and it was definitely more of a Uni thing for me than it was 6th form)


  • Baudolino, Umberto Eco
  • American Gods, Neil Gaiman


March 24, 2009

I’ve just got the book and am about a third of the way through, getting quite excited about the film:

The animation looks great and from what I’ve read (both book and reviews) it’s shaping up to be quite a scary treat.