January 26, 2015


Poetweet is weird/brilliant.

It builds poems (one of three forms) from the content of your tweets with results varying from odd, to hilarious, to almost (but not quite) profound.

“Is Impressive” by my friend Helen is pretty good, and I also quite like this verse from another of mine (“Next One”):

I’d get so frustrated!
And start following brides.
Guy is pretty good (as expected)

This too (from “No Pass”):

Yellow snow warning for Wales
Sure what to make of Constantine
Mostly mud, water, obstacles
(Rescued and was absolutely find)
Dual monocles

Things I have in common with a 73 year old man

August 26, 2009

Why would i want to check a voicemail on my cell phone? People want to talk to me, call again. If i want to talk to you, I’ll answer.

@shitmydadsays (via kottke)


July 7, 2009