What we do in the shadows

April 24, 2015

Man, man, -Man

February 12, 2010

Just reading Vanity Fair’s, “To See or Not See The Wolfman,” and the last point reminds me of a conversation Al and I used to have back in Brunswick street about how it’s fun to reverse the Superman/postman emphases:

You’re still confused about how to properly append the suffix “man” to a noun to create a superhero/villain name: Should it be two words (Iron Man)? Should it be hyphenated (Spider-Man)? Does writing it out as one word make it look like it should be someone’s last name? If you’re at all like me, these perplexing questions will distract from your viewing experience.

See also: Batman’s batman.

I’d like to meet his tailor

February 11, 2010

I think I might treat myself to a bit of The Wolfman this weekend but to keep me going till then these will have to do:

…and the Autumn moon is bright

October 23, 2009

Given my love of all things lycanthropic I’ve been unusually unfussed by The Wolfman (Trailer 1), but with Hallowe’en looming I’m getting a little bit twitchy for some werewolf action. Which leaves me a little confused as to why it’s not being released until February next year..

I guess I’ll have to go and catch up on my Saws (though given that they already made his face into a mask and his hand into a glove I’m a little worried as to which of Jigsaw’s bodyparts they’ll be using for the next poster).