February 5, 2015


Dana Allan, Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2014 (posted without permission)

It just doesn’t look real.

Wildlife photographer of the year 2014

October 30, 2014

The winners have been announced!┬áIf you’ve never been the exhibition at the NHM is worth a visit, it’s not cheap but it is very good (also worth keeping an eye out for the free touring exhibition over the course of next year).

Some faves from this year:


The warrior Morozumi Masakiyo kills himself in battle

April 15, 2009

My day in London was good fun, Ruth and I went to the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition in the morning which was very good, I think I preferred last year’s overall but some of the entries were still fairly stunning. Steve Winter’s winning piece was very very good and the junior category made me feel suitably inadequate.

After lunch we went to the Kuniyoshi exhibition which was also very good, though had slightly more penis than I was expecting. My new favourite piece of his is this one:

(btw if anyone’s feeling a little flush my birthday’s just around the corner…)