Call me Ishmael

I’m not sure I’d agree that this is the definitive 100 Best First Lines from Novels, but it’s definitely worth a glance, if only for brushing up on pub quiz knowledge.


Snow, part 2

Being out in the snow reminded me of what I remember being the second scariest thing I watched as a child (the scariest being when that woman in Superman III gets turned into a cyborg) but annoyingly I can’t find it anywhere on the tinterweb.

It’s from the 1983 animated adaptation of the Wind in the Willows and it’s the bit when Moly goes into the Wild Wood to meet Badger and it’s all dark and snowy and the weasels are in the shadows and the music’s crazy scary and then he trips over Badger’s door-scraper.

Given that the Superman III cyborg is nowhere near as scary as I remember I imagine that the Wild Woods aren’t either but it definitely used to freak me out.

On a related note if anyone fancies reading the Wind in the Willows it’s online here.

Everything was very still now. The dusk advanced on him steadily, rapidly, gathering in behind and before; and the light seemed to be draining away like flood-water.

Then the faces began.

Weasels are scary.