About Me

This has been my online home since 2008 (in theory, 2009 in practice). 2009 was also the year I become a cat dad to Milly and Molly.

From what I’ve seen, 5 stars, would recommend to all cats ★★★★★

– HB

In 2017 I achieved a genuine lifegoal when I got a mention on for my post about the etymology of neural-net generated English place names.

I’m an avid role-player, having made the leap from a toe-dip into D&D, to playing and running games about 18th Century impoverished fisherfolk, a group of mystery-solving kids legally distinct from Scooby-Doo, and dabbling as a fantasy herald.

By day I work for a charity that supports students, by night I sit surrounded by the excess of board games I own that the pandemic means I don’t actually play. (In fairness, they surround me during the day too.)

If you want to get in touch give me a shout on Twitter.

Oh, and Black Lives Matter, Trans Rights are Human Rights, and Climate Change is Real.