I’ve been aware of this Dan Connolly for quite a while but it wasn’t until I started seeing how high I ranked on Google that I found out about some of my other namesakes. So, starting with him we have:

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Stick to the inspirational basketware…

It’s got to be kind of cool that when you google yourself you only get yourself.

My nemesis snaffled my “facebook name” the other day whilst I was on holiday. Mortified I was. Up until then all I knew about him was that he played basketball for his high school. Googling myself turns up a lot of mundane comments I made on blogs whilst bored, the internets thinks I’m a loser now too :(

I got:
1) Me. Quite a lot.
2) Ruth Spink, 106, recently deceased of Yorkshire
3) Ruth Spink, longest serving tenant of Leeds South council homes, celebrates 100th birthday.
4) On 6 October 1973, Ruth Spink married Gaylord Keith Royston

The last one is my favourite.

Hi Dan

I’m another namesake, I live in Wales. Doesn’t seem as though I’m as famous as the others as I didn’t make the list. But I play rugby in the Welsh premiership so sometimes get a buzz online. Also run the website Maybe we’re relatives as there are a lot of Daniel Connolly’s in my family named after my great Grandad that moved to the North of England from Ireland.

Sorry you didn’t make the original list! To be fair the guy who helped make the internet and the one who plays for the Patriots tend to take up most of our internet share (and I’m probably the least famous of all of us!)

We don’t get much coverage of Welsh rugby this side of the border but I’ll keep an eye out next season for you.

Being a Paul Smith is fun. My imdb credits are spread over about 5 entries, according to that site also do special effects in the US and porn in Mexico. It is depressing when your namesakes are better than you AND you have a common name!

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