Oh, but it gets better…

Sorry, what now?

After deliberating about 5 ½ hours Thursday, the seven woman, five man jury returned a verdict of guilty in the trial of former district court judge Donald Thompson, charged with four felony counts of indecent exposure as a result of using a penis pump to masturbate while adjudicating trials.

Oh, but it gets better…

During the trial, defense attorneys had attempted to discredit the prosecution witnesses, had argued that the penis pump didn’t work…

That’s definitely the defence route I’d take: “I was totally trying to jack off but the penis pump just wasn’t doing it for me. I was barely pleasuring myself at all, your Honour.”

Oh, but it gets better…

Foster had testified that when she saw Thompson shaving his scrotum during the 2002 trial of a woman accused or murdering her 21-month old baby, she was “shocked and disgusted”.

And they say men can’t multi-task.

(thx to Carter)

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