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Ten minutes of Bioshock: Infinite

Bioshock 2 didn’t bother me too much, as much as I loved the first game I was happy with that experience as it stood and the reviews of 2 didn’t quite do enough to part me with my £24.99 but Infinite looks like a whole new ballgame. The claustrophobia of Bioshock was great but Columbia is looking like a great extension of the Bioshock multiverse (and wide open spaces means sighted rifles which can only be a good thing).

The plasmid/tonic mechanic is changing (and looking good from what I’ve seen):

These new powers are known as Vigors and are different from Bioshock and Bioshock 2’s Plasmids in the sense that they do not alter the user’s genetic code; this being indicated by a set amount of charges that each vigor gives when attained. The vigors are drunk by the player and bestow upon Booker powers such as electro-bolt and telekinesis. Lesser vigors allow for more charges and stronger vigors carry fewer uses, enforcing the need for strategic use of such powers. The effect of passive abilities, dubbed nostrums, are affected by the choices you make during the game and the game-play style the player takes. (read more)

You can’t really tell from the trailer but I’d be interested to know whether they work in the same way as Plasmids in that you select your ‘active’ power and can then ‘fire’ it – the fluidity of the play makes me think it could be more along the lines of hotkeys with no need to actively switch between powers. Instant access to all of your powers would definitely be a plus in my book, in a similar vein to Dragon Age 2’s special attack philosophy (‘when I click something, awesome happens’).  And it means I can feel more like I’m Sylar.

The only lame thing so far is the wait – Bioshock: Infinite is scheduled for 2012…

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