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Guardians was the release I was most looking forward to this Summer, so much so I haven’t really thought about what else is coming out in the next year.

Quick Guardians tangent, if you haven’t seen it then go. Now. Like right now. It’s funny, touching, thrilling. I laughed out loud, more than once. I nearly cried. Bautista is great, Star-Lord is Han + Indy + the best mixtape, and Groot. Groot is just the best. For Halloween I want to make a Rocket costume for one of my cats and dress as Groot. I love Groot.

But back to the post, what’s up next? (Disclaimer: by no means comprehensive)

Horns, October 2014

When I first read the synopsis The Satanic Verses sprang to mind (albeit on a very superficial level), the trailer made me chuckle.

Interstellar, November 2014

The trailers haven’t shown us much, as a result my brain’s been doin’ a whole lotta speculatin’. I love Christopher Nolan’s stuff (even though I hate that the Dark Knight’s success has brought us to a world where <spoiler>Superman snaps necks</spoiler>) but since reading this I’m really excited to hear Hans Zimmer’s score:

“It’s time to reinvent. The endless string [ostinatos] need to go by the wayside, the big drums are probably in the bin.”

Nolan did not provide Zimmer a script or any plot details for writing music for the film and instead gave the composer “one page of text” that “had more to do with [Zimmer’s] story than the plot of the movie”


The Imitation Game, November 2014

Cumberbatch as Turing? Sign me up.

The Hobbit pt 3, December 2014

I rewatched the Desolation of Smaug last weekend which got me fired up for this again. My wishlist:

  • More Beorn. I felt he got shortchanged in the middle instalment, in reality his involvement here is going to be primarily Orc-bashing but I’ll take it. The extended stay with Beorn was one of my favourite parts of the Hobbit as a child and certainly fuelled my obsession with all this skin-changy.
  • The thrush telling Bard Smaug’s weakness (almost certainly won’t feature given the content of the second film).

Dumb and Dumber To, December 2014

The first one is one of the funniest films I’ve seen. This could be a disappointment, I hope it’s not. Trailer.

Birdman, January 2015

A washed-up actor who once played an iconic superhero must overcome his ego and family trouble as he mounts a Broadway play in a bid to reclaim his past glory.

Michael Keaton as Birdman. My interest was well-piqued before I’d seen any footage but after this trailer I can safely say this is the film I’m most looking forward too right now.

The Birdman/faux Batman voice is the best.

Foxcatcher, January 2015

Steve Carell scares me in this trailer:

Big Hero 6, January 2015

Thus begins the run of Marvel films… Though in fairness this isn’t part of the MCU and doesn’t focus on well-known characters so the fact it’s a Marvel property feels almost incidental.

Avengers 2, April 2015

Loved the first one, can’t wait for this.

Mad Max: Fury Road, May 2015

The trailer that came out of Comic-Con blew me (and many others) away. I had no expectations (to be honest I wasn’t even sure this would ever get made) but it’s looking in great shape:

I’ve never been a big one for car sequences but I’ll happily Road Warrior any day of the week so yeah, I like this.

Fantastic Four, June 2015

They’ve cast a young team which is by no means a bad thing (though I still can’t picture Miles Teller as Reed) but there was nothing to see at Comic-Con which feels like something of a mis-step. I like Toby Kebbell (check him out as Koba in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes), I don’t know Dr Doom well enough to know if he’s a good fit but I certainly hope this is good.

Bonus: Dr Doom in Superior Foes of Spider-Man

Ant-Man, July 2015

I was gutted to hear Edgar Wright left the project, at the same time I did wonder how it would tie in to the wider MCU, if memory serves Joe Cornish and Edgar’s first script pre-dates the MCU by a good year or two. There are some dark, shaky videos of their test footage knocking around on Youtube, whether or not the final film will look like this, who knows. Either way I’ll happily lap up anything Marvel put out at the minute.

Talking of Ant-Man don’t forget to check your superhero suffix.


So… yeah. I like superhero films.


Edit: Might’ve forgotten one.

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