John Boyega

Some people didn’t like that there was a black stormtrooper. They are idiots, at best.

Luckily John Boyega couldn’t give two craps and has a wonderful response:

With love xxx

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It’s funny to think of people arguing over whether or not all stormtroopers are clones and thus the only plausible explanation here is that John Boyega is not really a stormtrooper but just dressed like one, as Luke and Han were in Ep 4 (I like to think of this as the “Aren’t you a little black for a stormtrooper?” approach) or whether stormtroopers are all clones and thus the only plausible explanation is that JJ Abrams has fucked fans.

It’s really not too far a stretch to think that post-Clone wars they maybe recruit non-Clones¬†from across the Empire. Or you could even look to the Expanded Universe were various (non-Jango) clone templates are referred to. There are even female stormtroopers. But there’s a problem: the Expanded Universe is no longer canon. None of that ‘happened’.¬†Only the contents of the films is ‘true’ so we can only have Temuera Morrison as a stormtrooper. Except the reason the declared the EU non-canon was so they could make up whatever they wanted. Seriously. They can just decide some shit and that is now canon. Stormtroopers don’t even have to be human if they don’t want to. Which means we get to have a black stormtrooper, which is fucking ace, and it’s John Boyega which only makes it better.

In summary, this: