Games Me Work

How long?

Too long. I’ve been busy though. Well, busyish. What have I been up to?

At work I took a trip up to Newcastle to see Northumbria SU before the Easter break and since we’ve been back we’ve moved back to the SU*. As a farewell treat I undertook a two-night baking marathon and churned out (slightly disappointing) lemon cupcakes, not bad vegan truffles, and bloody awesome breadsticks (half baba ganoush, half roasted pepper and tomato).

At home I’ve reclaimed my office and my garden. I threw out a *lot* of crap, I think I’m almost through the boxes from my house-move 5/6 years ago, and the garden is tip-top, just need to decide what to plant. Salad leaves and potato sets for definite and I’m thinking beetroot for something interesting?

I’ve backed a hell of a lot on Kickstarter. Viking worker placement, witch trials, surviving (or joining) the mutant apocalypse and, most importantly, Rahdo Runs Through probably the best online board game resource you’ll ever find (still 12 hours to back!).

I ran the Leam 10k, 53:18 this year (I guessed I’d do 53-54 minutes this year based on how much training I’d done) so some work to be done for my next run. I’ve got 10ks lined up in May and June but I think May is my best shot.

That’s probably it for now! Oh, and I’m getting really excited about Age of Ultron :)

* Mixed feelings about this, which seems silly given how reticent I was to move out. I think it took so long to settle at the new place that once we were settled the idea of fresh upheaval wasn’t too attractive. Also in our new office I got to sit next to Lizzie who’s pretty badass and now I don’t anymore. Anyway. On the bright side my hairdressers is just downstairs so I can stop cutting my own hair…