Adventures in Online Dating, Pt 2

More observations:

  • Star sign is mandatory. It displays on your profile whether you like it or not. You can also specify that you’re only interested in people of other specific star signs but there’s no option for ‘Astrology is a utter tripe’.
  • Lots of people put their age in their username, which can be a little awkward when that’s no longer their age…
  • Group photos are an odd choice for your profile. Especially when it’s hard to tell which one the person actually is. Even worse when it turns out they’re the one at the edge largely cut out of the photo. (Special mention for attempts to crop out the ex from a photo leaving a tight close up with a large man-arm draped across her front).
  • Lot of people wanting a minimum doctorate level of education in a partner
  • A lot of the criteria should clearly be a sliding scale but are instead multiple choice leading to situations where someone is looking for specifically someone trying to quit smoking, or someone who earns either less than $25,000 OR more than $250,000.
  • This might just say more about what I look at online but if you put XXX at the end of your username I don’t think they’re kisses.
  • Overall the experience across site and app is a bit disjointed. The app looks a hell of a lot nicer and feels nicer to use but but truncates half the responses and is missing most of the search/filter functionality (which is half the point, right?)
  • Related: ‘find people with the same birthday as me’ feels a bit stalkerish.

To be honest still find the whole thing a bit weird. I’ve chatted to a few people who seem nice but, yeah, don’t know what to make of it.