Funny Games Music

Don’t modify AC and not debate with me!

This combines my two favourite things right now. D&D + Hamilton.

Kill less.
Talk more.
Find what they want, and know, and who they’re working for.
Maybe trail the man instead?
Fools that swing their steel oft end up dead

What time is it? Loot time!”
“Like I said…”

“Loot time! loot time!”
“Yo I’m a barbari-in the place to be!
Two pints of dwarf ale man I’m working on three!
Those kobolds don’t want it with me!
Cos I slash-smash-a-slice these gnolls til I’m free!”

“Full speed, on my steed, a Fighter and a threat!
A lance in hand, charging in my brand new full plate set!
I came from below just to buy more stuff!
Killed a king for these jewels. Do they know?”
“Roll bluff!

Brrrah brraaah! I am a bard and a lover-man,
Buffin’ it, bluffin’ it, yes I’ll inspire all y’all once again,
Lock up your monsters with Hold spells, of course
Not hard to jack hoards o’ gold over four Wall of Forces

For comparison (1min in):

I… want to be in the tomb where it happens, the tomb where it happens…