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Father of Albanology

Well this is awkward. From Johann Georg von Hahn’s Wikipedia page:

In 1847, Hahn was named Austrian consul in Ioannina. He was transferred to Syros in 1851, and from 1869 was the consul-general in Athens. He is considered the founder of Albanian studies.

Unfortunately the page on Albanian studies it links to names someone else as the father of Albanology. It then lists other famous founders (no sign of Johann). He doesn’t even make the list of important Albanologists :S


World’s most awesomely awesome flag

As suggested by Senor Wignall:


Thinking about it a far more sensible way to do it would be to just take the cool parts of the cool flags and construct an uber-flag .

My 5 minute lunchtime effort is: Eagle eating Snake + Two Headed Eagle + Dragon + Maasai Spears & Shield + Two Snowlions + Man behing beheaded:


I think if the rules could be bent to allow non-national flags there could be some awesome mashups as provincial flags and royal standards get all the cool stuff. That said if we were to allow them there’s only one flag we’d need:


It’s a bear holding a freakin waraxe. Thank you Yaroslavl Oblast.