The skies yet blushing with departing light


This week was the first week it started to feel like Autumn (and definitely not Winter as I have to keep insisting to a certain somebody).

I’ve decided this year to try my hand at a spot of homebrewing (which will hopefully be a little more successful than growing my own veg which managed to produce a single snozzcumber). I’m going to go for some cider and perhaps a berry wine though I need to go a-foraging to see what I can turn up. Worst comes to worst I’ll steal a little blackberry wine from John when it’s time for me to mull my Christmas cider.

(Pic from The Big Picture)


Sharp Boreas blows, and nature feels decay

Even though Autumn is yet upon us, let alone Winter, the elements have definitely taken their toll on my garden. My most promising tomato plant appears to have contracted some sort of rot and a vicious wind has left my sunflowers lying prone. In fact the only plant that looks healthy is my (unfortunately fruitless) jalapeƱo.