Ten Million Slaves


St James Infirmary Blues

Kids of today need more cartoons like this!

Fleischer’s Snow White was animated by ONE person, produced by a Jewish animation studio, in the Depression, featuring images of gambling and alcohol, starring a jazz singer.

This is the great Cab Calloway singing St James Infirmary Blues in Fleischer’s Snow White:

I’m guessing the ‘Oh Koko’ that opens the White Stripes version is a reference to this?

There definitely seems to be more than a dash of this to the Wiyo’s Dyin’ Crapshooters Blues too.

Edit: from the song’s Wikipedia entry:

Bob Dylan used the melody in his song “Blind Willie McTell” (released on Bootleg Series, Volumes 1–3), named for blues singer Blind Willie McTell (who recorded a version of the song under the title “Dying Crapshooter’s Blues”); the song makes reference to a “St. James Hotel.”

(via Kottke)


Jug Band

Seeing this* reminded of a post I started writing months ago about a possible side-project for The Cock Pheasant involving me on cigar box, John on jug, someone on diddley-bow, someone on washboard.

I think we might have to evolve from just folking to a full on folk/jug/blues/celt/spirituals/roots/sea shanty/gypsy punk outfit. Complete with outfits**.

I am now going to go and listen to these:


**Though possibly not like the Eugene Hutz-alike who was dancing near us during Deathray Trebuchay