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Clitoris Festival

It was meant to be a culinary festival celebrating grelo, the leafy green vegetable that is a staple in the Galician town of As Pontes in north-west Spain.

But for the past few months, the small town was marketing a very different kind of festival after it used Google Translate to put the Galician word grelo into Castilian Spanish, ending up with it inviting people to take part in a “clitoris festival”.

The translated announcement read: “The clitoris is one of the typical products of Galician cuisine. Since 1981 … the festival has made the clitoris one of the star products of its local gastronomy.


For reference this is what they were actually celebrating (very SFW).

(via Richard Woodfield)

Edit: Clitoris Festival is either the name of my bi-monthly automatic writing fanzine, or the second album by my acid jazz fusion band.