Dead as


The only soft tissue specimen of a dodo in the world. Quite mad that this is all we have left; this, a few casts and some skeletons.


Why Binomial Names are fun

I think my favourite binomial names fall into one of two groups: those where the genus name and the species name are the same, and those where it’s name has old school Roman or Greek origins, more specifically where it’s name is a combination of two other animals.

As such I like:

Leopard itself gets an honourable mention for being the offspring of a Lion and a Pard.


Although I don’t like the idea of the group’s membership requirements, I think there’s a good pub quiz question to be had out of the Barbary Lion, Pere David’s Deer and the Hawaiian Crow

I’d kind of hoped my binomial name list would be more extensive but as I can hear birdsong I think I should retire – hopefully I’ll add to my list over the next few days.