Shut the fuck up, Donny

I finally watched Inside Llewyn Davis and (as expected) I really enjoyed it. It’s about failure, success, depression, loss, compassion, responsibility, and it’s also just a week in someone’s life. It’s funny in places, sad in others, and overall really a quite excellent film.

In an early scene, Llewyn finds out the couch he intended to crash on that night has already been earmarked by another:

Troy: If this is awkward, I could hitch back to Fort Dix, after I perform tonight.

Jean: Don’t be silly. We offered you the couch.

Llewyn: You’re gigging somewhere?

Jean: Troy is playing the Gaslight tonight. We’re meeting Jim there.

Troy: Well, I could sleep on the floor, here. Llewyn could have the couch. I’m certainly not a man of conforts. Alternately – I could hitch back to Fort Dix after the show.

In true Coen style that second “I could hitch back to Fort Dix” is delivered almost identically to the first and I couldn’t help but think about all those other repeated lines and phrases in Coen Brothers films: Penelope’s counting to three, Norville’s “…You know, for kids!”, so much of Barton Fink.

If I had to pick some favourites we’d be looking at this from Fargo:

… So, I’m tendin’ bar there at Ecklund & Swedlin’s last Tuesday and this little guy’s drinkin’ and he says, ‘So where can a guy find some action – I’m goin’ crazy down there at the lake.’ And I says, ‘What kinda action?’ and he says, ‘Woman action, what do I look like,’ And I says ‘Well, what do I look like, I don’t arrange that kinda thing,’ and he says, ‘I’m goin’ crazy out there at the lake’ and I says, ‘Well, this ain’t that kinda place.’

Everett has a few in O Brother, Where Art Thou? (my favourite Coen Brothers film, possibly my favourite film) but I (for obvious reason) would have to go with, “I’m a Dapper Dan man.” And of course our post title, said in response to:

What’s a pederast, Walter?

I am the Walrus.

Those are good burgers, Walter.

We’ll be near the In-and-Out Burger.

Who’s in pyjamas, Walter?

There are so many more, “Osbourne Cox?”, “That rug really tied the room together”, “Kinda funny-looking”, “They’re gonna kill that poor woman”, “…and they dock you!”

Let’s finish with Larry’s homework and what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass.