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I really wonder how future American generations will view their gun laws, I’m convinced future schoolchildren will be utterly baffled to learn that a system that led to massacre on such a scale was allowed to continue for so long.


Good guys with guns

A pro-gun group in Texas decided to simulate how the Charlie Hedbo massacre would’ve been different had an armed citizen taken on the gunmen.

(Spoiler alert: things don’t end so well for the ‘good guys with guns’.)

Time and time again, the armed civilian “dies” – shot by a round that marks him or her with paint.

In only two cases volunteers were able to take out one of two gunmen in the process…

Twelve volunteers participated in the exercise. Only one survived after running away. No one was able to take out both shooters.

(via Andrew Ducker)


(Post) Apocalypse How (To)

A ridiculously comprehensive answer to the question, “If you became the last person on Earth, what would you do?

From what I can tell the most important things to have are:

  • Propane (the post-apocalyptic fuel of choice)
  • A Weed-whacker (for both horticulture and boating)
  • A  gun

Let’s be honest, if you knew you were the last person alive you’d probably forgo the propane and weed-whacker.

(via kottke)