Hair & Skincare

In an effort to both save money and be more environmentally friendly I’m trying use up all the food in my fridge and cupboards before I go and buy any more, but it looks like by focussing on how I can eat it I’ve shut the door on a host of opportunities (from Extraordinary uses for ordinary items):

  • Beer (+ raw egg) can be used as a volumising shampoo (beer can also be used as a conditioner)
  • Tomato Ketchup can be used as a shampoo and mayonnaise as a conditioner (sounds like the sort of nightmare I’d have)
  • Lemon juice can give you blonde highlights
  • A paste of water and crushed aspirin can reduce spots
  • You can/should add honey and milk to your bath
  • Banana + yoghurt + honey makes a skin-nourishing face mask
  • Milk can be a (last resort) substitute for shaving foam

And not really on the hair or skincare topic but:

  • Fizzy pop can clear drains

Now think what it does to your innards!

(via Coudal Partners)