Film People


Watching Only Connect and the first two clues were:

W: Andy Williams

O: Alice Cooper, in honour of Groucho Marx

And the chap with the Rainbow tattoo got it! They paid for the reconstruction of those letters of the Hollywood sign.

I know¬†the sign fell badly into disrepair but I’d never thought about who paid for them. The full list (at a cost of just under $28,000 each) is:

H: Terrence Donnelly (publisher of the Hollywood Independent Newspaper)

O: Giovanni Mazza (Italian movie producer)

L: Les Kelley (originator of the Kelley Blue Book)

L: Gene Autry (actor)

Y: Hugh Hefner (founder of Playboy magazine)

W: Andy Williams (singer)

O: Warner Bros. Records

O: Alice Cooper (singer), who donated in memory of close friend and comedian Groucho Marx, and who joked that he would also donate an “O” from his last name

D: Dennis Lidtke (businessman)