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Medal of Honor game goes on sale amid controversy

Dr Fox described the game as “un-British” and said it was “shocking that someone would think it acceptable to recreate the acts of the Taliban against British soldiers”.

In other shocking news, children for generations have been re-creating the actions of criminals in the game ‘Cops and Robbers’. Previous games let you play as Nazis and no-one gave a shit, you can play as (generically-named) baddies in Modern Warfare and other games. If they had created a fictional name no-one would care (though then EA wouldn’t have got a load of free press).

I can’t wait until we have a generation of politicians who grew up playing computer games, or even better politicians who still play computer games. They’re games. They’re entertainment. Growing up playing first person shooters is no more likely to send you on a killing spree than growing up playing Go for Broke is to make you recklessly lend money to high-risk borrowers leading to huge losses and ultimately the collapse of large financial institutions requiring vast government bailouts funded by taxpayers. Hang on…