“Isn’t four a little young for a face-lift, Bob?”

Excessively retouched beauty pageant photos of kids. It’s so wrong I’m not even sure it’s actually funny



It’s the comments that make them:

“I am so sick of Victoria’s droopy right eye I can’t even tell you. Mr. Retoucher, honestly, I need you to follow us around and retouch her fucking eye wherever we fucking go, ’cause I just can’t deal with this shit anymore.  I’m going to do something crazy, like cut a bitch up, and it will be your fucking fault for not retouching her while she’s all up in my grill wanting a kiss from Daddy and shit, droop, droop, droop, droopin’.”

“Everything about Beatrice is perfect.  Except her fucking head.  Let’s give her one that’s more – I don’t know – whore-like.”

(via Boing Boing)