The 8th Voyage of Sindbad

So, last night was a busy one. I’d been having these dreams about a city in India so thought I’d go to see what it was all about. Along the way I was transformed into a hideous ape, kissed by an ifrit, I fed starving masses, discovered my hidden family fortune, was married, widowed a week later, sprung someone from prison, found a magical city, stole a diamond, saved a village, escaped prison myself, and finally returned to Baghdad to live out my days as a respectable citizen.

It was a pretty awesome evening.


In the end all that wasn’t enough to win (if winning is even the right word!). That honour belonged to a former prison agony aunt turned sex-changed prince who angered the king of the merfolk with her zealous proselytising and the King of Thieves himself.

I ran a solo game myself, it meant tweaking the rules a little (it’s trickier without someone else to be storyteller) but I still had fun. I was a (wrongfully) disgraced royal cartographer fleeing the Vizier’s soldiers. I avoided cities, stuck to the wilderness, where I came upon a map to Stonehenge but that journey didn’t end so well. I saw terrible things and not long after my past caught up with me and I was imprisoned by the Vizier’s men.

I managed to escape and travelled to far off lands searching for a mysterious woman who haunted my dreams but my exile and imprisonment had made me a bitter and envious man. I never did find that woman but I did find salvation, I even saved an entire city of bewitched people and finished at peace, forgiven by the Sultan, with a whopping great diamond to boot.