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Omar can’t whistle

WTF world!?

Michael K Williams cannot whistle! It’s totally true. We brought him in and he tried but it just wasn’t happening. Omar’s whistle is provided by a lovely and talented loop group member named Susan, who is an actor and John Waters’ personal assistant.

From a Reddit AMA with a sound editor from The Wire, I think I’ve read some of it before actually (though I missed the Omar bombshell).

The description of Dominic West’s ADR (looping) sessions is wonderful:

…a Dom West ADR session often went like this:

Me (with Dom staring at my mouth): Cunt. Cunt. Cunt.

Dom: Cahnt. Shit, do it again, please.

Me: Cunt. Cunt. Cunt.

Dom: Cunt. Cunt. OK, let’s record…

(three beeps, the line starts and):

Dom: …cahnt. Feck! Say it again.

Me: Cunt….



The Best Party

“No one has to be afraid of the Best Party,” he said, “because it is the best party. If it wasn’t, it would be called the Worst Party or the Bad Party. We would never work with a party like that.”

The new mayor of Reykjavik, Jon Gnarr, founded his ‘Best Party’ as something of a jab at Icelandic politics and now they hold 6 City Council seats. As 8 are requried for a majority Mr Gnarr had to form a coalition and in a move both heroic and sensible:

…ruled out any party whose members had not seen all five seasons of “The Wire.”

More at NY Times


The Wire Story

The opening’s the best for me (some of the synching later on is a little out) but overall this rocks. Personal favourites: Mr Potato Bunk and (of course) Clay Davis.

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…of the Decade

Probably to be added to at a later date but I reckon these are my favourite X from 2000-2009.


  • Memento
  • O Brother, Where Art Thou?
  • Spirited Away
  • Shaun Of The Dead


  • The Wire
  • The West Wing (it started ’99 but was mainly in the noughties)
  • Arrested Development
  • Spaced (again, started ’99 but series 2 was ’01 and it was definitely more of a Uni thing for me than it was 6th form)


  • Baudolino, Umberto Eco
  • American Gods, Neil Gaiman

The Farmer’s in the Dell…

Christina has finally finished The Wire so I feel I can safely* post this (not that anyone apart from John and Justin actually read my blog):

*As something of a warning, if you have not finished watching The Wire do not watch this – it is spoiler heavy and will ruin many a great moment for you – it should only be used for reminiscence purposes!

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The Road

I’m currently reading The Road by Cormac McCarthy, I’m enjoying it but it’s definitely not be the best bedtime reading choice when someone decides that the best way to open their shed is to bash the shit of the door. Only it sounds like they’re trying to bash the shit out of your back door. Clean sheets required.

See also the trailer for the film adaptation – best bit: Omar looking freakin awesome with his post-apocalytpic beard a few seconds from the end.