September 3, 2010


Very very sleepy

Work break doodle

January 10, 2010


It probably doesn’t count as a break if you don’t actually leave your computer.

Christmas Doodle

December 10, 2009



January 31, 2009

Gadsby finally got his birthday present at Scruff last night and by all accounts Blario was a success:

Other highlights of the evening included:

  • Possibly the greatest pool break I’ve ever seen
  • A bit of, “Sloth love Chunk”
  • The addition of Umpire and the strangely overlooked Later to the list of DEKHs
  • Finishing on Love Cats
  • and Craig breaking up the 80s Disco Day Youtube Playlist with:

Quick Doodle

January 21, 2009

He started out as a litle samurai and ended up as a lonely sweeper