Art People

Tokyo Gifathon

These are just pure delight. James Curran is making a gif a day during his month in Tokyo. His style is so lovely, I have no idea where to even begin doing this sort of animation but I’d love to.

My faves…

Art Design

Community Manholes

These are delightful.

After World War II, city planners in Japan proposed the idea of allowing each local municipality to design their own manhole cover as part of an effort to raise awareness for costly sewage projects. Designs would reflect local industry, culture, and history. The result was a huge success, and now over 19,000 manhole cover designs can be found embedded across 95% of all municipalities in Japan.

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This video takes you on a tour of the factory where the community-driven designs are manufactured:

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Art Photography


If you’re looking for a rabbit hole allow me to recommend digital collections of the New York Public Library. Naturally, I headed straight for their Meiji era photos of Japan:

The first daguerreotype camera was imported into Japan in 1848 (the patent dates to 1839). Wet and dry plate photographic processes were introduced into Japan by Dutch photographers stationed on the island of Dejima, in Nagasaki Bay, beginning in the 1850s.

I love how instantly recognisable Fuji is:


And how similar this is to Hokusai’s view of Fuji from the Tōkaidō, produced some 70-80 years earlier:


I wonder if the photographer had that in mind when they created the shot.



I was already excited about this but now I’ve seen the trailer I just can’t get over how perfect Adam Driver looks as a Jesuit. It’s like he’s walked out of a painting.

Design Geography


It’s changed since I last visited.


History of Japan

The weirdest, most fun history lesson you’ll ever have: