Vampires vs Ghosts

A (fairly ludicrious) work debate between me and my manager that has somehow evolved from whether or not The Ghost Whisperer is a load of shite via whether or not True Blood is any good to an argument about the both the relative plausibilities of the existence of ghosts and/or vampires and the merits that being each would bring.

Slightly depressingly ghosts edge it in the Google fight but I think you’d have to want to be a vampire over a ghost wouldn’t you? The insatiable thirst and need to feed might be a bit of a shitter but image never being able to touch anything. Who’s cooler, Swayze or Blade? It’s a no-brainer.

19th Century Vampire & Werewolf Killing Kit anyone? Just the fact that I can* buy shit like this makes vampires cooler.


And let’s be honest – who’s ever heard of a spectral watermelon?

*note: I can’t actually afford a $15k vampire killing kit

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