Christina has recently joined the ranks of the Robsessed, in an effort to make her watch some proper vampire films I was having a browse of tinternet when I came across this poster for Blade that I used to have years ago:


And I can’t believe that it’s only now I’ve realised how tiny his sword is in this poster – it can’t even be two feet long!

Bad photoshop.


Vampires vs Ghosts

A (fairly ludicrious) work debate between me and my manager that has somehow evolved from whether or not The Ghost Whisperer is a load of shite via whether or not True Blood is any good to an argument about the both the relative plausibilities of the existence of ghosts and/or vampires and the merits that being each would bring.

Slightly depressingly ghosts edge it in the Google fight but I think you’d have to want to be a vampire over a ghost wouldn’t you? The insatiable thirst and need to feed might be a bit of a shitter but image never being able to touch anything. Who’s cooler, Swayze or Blade? It’s a no-brainer.

19th Century Vampire & Werewolf Killing Kit anyone? Just the fact that I can* buy shit like this makes vampires cooler.


And let’s be honest – who’s ever heard of a spectral watermelon?

*note: I can’t actually afford a $15k vampire killing kit



Wired has a list of the Top 10 Geekiest Constructed Languages – it’s pretty much what you’d expect (Klingon, Sindarin, Fremen) but I was surprised that Lapine didn’t make the list, especially when Blade’s ‘Vampirese’ did:

An ancient vampire language from the Blade movies. The most noticeable aspect of this language are the glyphs, symbols tattooed on grunts to show their allegiance and drawn in UV ink defining the boundaries of various vampires’ territories. There’s even a vampire holy book written in the language, the Book of Erebus, featured in the first movie.

Do I believe the Book of Erebus was a book actually written in Vampirese? Or were they just sheets of parchment covered in glyphs suspended between glass to:

  1. Look cool
  2. Have vampires kicked through them

That aside Blade Runner’s City Speak isn’t one I would’ve thought of but is an inclusion I wholeheartedly agree with.