Jurassic World

A combination of my intense love for Jurassic Park (still the film I’ve seen on the big screen the most times, it blew my 10 year old mind, and the dinosaurs look more real than any other film dinosaur in the 21 years since) and my intense love for Chris Pratt had me pretty revved up for this trailer.

I didn’t quite leave me the way the Guardians trailer did (probably the trailer I’ve watched the most times), it was cool, I’m still very excited about it but there were a few things that niggle.

That Mosasaur was huge, right? I love that Jurassic World has a SeaWorld section, it’s so perfect, but that mosasaur is just colossal. If it gets a few jabs in about how small a space that huge creature is confined to I’m happy though.

The genetically engineered dinosaur is only a few rungs up from Sharktopus. The films are about man controlling nature, in the first they were trying to limit nature, I guess in this they’re playing God. Hopefully it won’t be too cheesy/crap.

Raptor biker gang? I’m game.