I saw Vol 2 last night and was not disappointed. Once again, Drax steals the show (I think my favourite line of his is still from Vol 1, “Nothing goes over my head. My reflexes are too fast. I would catch it.” But there are still many many actualols.)

It’s nice that Yondu gets a decent arc, and I wasn’t sure what Nebula would be up to but glad she was there too. The Stan Lee cameo might be my favourite one yet.

As with many comic book movies the finale becomes a bit of a CGI slugfest* but it’s still fun, funny, and dramatic enough to hold your attention.

A good measure of a comic book film is whether or not Sarah genuinely enjoys it or whether she’s humouring me. The first Guardians is the only one we saw together twice in the cinema, and I think we’d both see this again. Also the soundtrack is, predictably, great. I think the only thing I was disappointed by was the lack of a Ragnarok trailer before the movie.

Stray things that made me smile (spoilers I guess):

  • Uatu!
  • Howard the Duck!
  • Zardu Hasslefrau
  • Yondu’s face during the 700 bounces
  • Drax’s turd brag
  • “You look like Mary Poppins!” “Was he cool?” … “Yeah he was cool”
  • Adam Warlock (almost!)
  • “The skin is the same level of thickness from the inside as from the outside!”
  • Jeff Goldblum’s blink-and-you’ll-miss-it credits Grandmaster cameo
  • Teen Groot!

* I actually thought the first film handled this pretty well, I don’t mind a big space battle and the actual final ‘fight’ with Ronan managed to largely avoid this

Design Film


I meant to post this back when the movie was still out but now seems as good a time as any.


By Cakes and Comics

I’m off to see Ant-Man tonight, anyone after further Marvel fixes:

Why does Marvel clash with its directors?
GRRM likes Ant-Man but wants some asymettric hero-villan powers
– A brainteaser (this is tough):


Awards season

A nerd’s 12 best and worst films from 2014.


  • Snowpiercer as ‘Film most like a D&D Dungeon Crawl’ (and still no UK DVD release, wtf?)
  • Guardians is definitely the best comic book movie/best movie
  • Hadn’t heard of Love is Strange but quite interested
  • Still want to see Jodorowsky’s Dune but can’t stream it anywhere :/

In other awards chat I saw Birdman last week and absolute loved it, I know a few people who got bored halfway through but I thought it was outstanding. It could sweep 9/10 Oscars easily and be deserving of them.


Jurassic World

A combination of my intense love for Jurassic Park (still the film I’ve seen on the big screen the most times, it blew my 10 year old mind, and the dinosaurs look more real than any other film dinosaur in the 21 years since) and my intense love for Chris Pratt had me pretty revved up for this trailer.

I didn’t quite leave me the way the Guardians trailer did (probably the trailer I’ve watched the most times), it was cool, I’m still very excited about it but there were a few things that niggle.

That Mosasaur was huge, right? I love that Jurassic World has a SeaWorld section, it’s so perfect, but that mosasaur is just colossal. If it gets a few jabs in about how small a space that huge creature is confined to I’m happy though.

The genetically engineered dinosaur is only a few rungs up from Sharktopus. The films are about man controlling nature, in the first they were trying to limit nature, I guess in this they’re playing God. Hopefully it won’t be too cheesy/crap.

Raptor biker gang? I’m game.


Guardians Dance-off

Ronan takes on Quill, Gamora, Drax.