The Revenant

Holy crap this looks incredible, I was keen before I saw the trailer (Jeremiah Johnson is an peraonl favourite) but now I cannot wait. Those drums.


Awards season

A nerd’s 12 best and worst films from 2014.


  • Snowpiercer as ‘Film most like a D&D Dungeon Crawl’ (and still no UK DVD release, wtf?)
  • Guardians is definitely the best comic book movie/best movie
  • Hadn’t heard of Love is Strange but quite interested
  • Still want to see Jodorowsky’s Dune but can’t stream it anywhere :/

In other awards chat I saw Birdman last week and absolute loved it, I know a few people who got bored halfway through but I thought it was outstanding. It could sweep 9/10 Oscars easily and be deserving of them.