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Spoilers for last night’s Game of Thrones and A Dance with Dragons

So the closing quarter of Hardhome was the best zombie film of the last ten years. If we skip Shaun and 28 Days Later then, well, let’s just say if they are making a sequel to World War Z (leaving aside that WWZ films should be an altogether different affair to what they made) they should watch this to see how you do it.

It was also a pleasant surprise with ep 9 of a series usually the big set piece battle of the series (I’m guessing) we still have the siege of Winterfell to look forward to. What else?

  • I doubt we’ll have Abel rescuing Sansa (sorry Mance-truthers) but Theon could step up while Ramsay’s gone, I’m guessing she’ll be delivered to Brienne and Pod but ultimately to Stannis. When he learns that Bran and Rickon are alive that ties off Davos’s Wyman Manderley arc and leads him to a potential Rickon-rescue.
  • Let’s hope Ramsay gets some comeuppance during his little guerilla raid on Stannis’s army, there’s been heavy-handed establishment of his evil credentials and while the books and show are pretty clear that comeuppance isn’t always to be had (sorry Ned!) I’d love to see Roose disown him as a bastard and have the Red Lady burn him.
  • Jon’s headed for a stabbing :( The Hardhome detour was nice, I had my doubts at first but after that sequence I couldn’t have been more wrong. Some ep 10 we’ll have the Wildings, some very unhappy crows and possibly a crying Wun-wun to set things up. I imagine Jon will send Sam away toot sweet on his return to set up his Oldtown arc? I wasn’t too sure they’d even bother with it in the show but I can’t see Sam managing too well post corvicide.
  • Will Jorah have his Gladiator moment? My guess was this line would converge with Dany’s departure on Drogon but I’m not sure how that plays out now Tyrion has hooked up with her.