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I haven’t seen Batman v Superman yet. I think when I do it will be exactly what I expect, good and bad. There’ll be some scenes that look really cool at the IMAX, it will be fun to see Wonder Woman be a bit awesome, it will be hopelessly dark and not represent either the Superman or Batman I love, Jesse Eisenberg will be a weird Lex Luthor.

Of all the DC movies Suicide Squad continues to be the one I’m most excited about, this new trailer only helped:

I’ve also realised I haven’t picked up any DC comics in a while, but have no idea if there’s even anything any good I should get? The only one I have on my list to pick up is Vol II of Batgirl of Burnside, nothing else is grabbing me (unlike Marvel where I want to pick up about half of the Secret Wars trades). If anyone has any suggestions sling them my way.

Update: Warner Bros have ordered reshoots on Suicide Squad to make it funnier and less dark (so a few notches towards Deadpool and away from BvS by the sound of it). Also, this.