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The Defenders

More Jessica Jones? Yes please. This might be enough to get me to finish Iron Fist.

Throw in Misty, Claire, and Stick (fingers crossed for Colleen, Karen, Foggy too) and colour me excited.

Comics People


Related to a recent post, “You’re not going to believe what I’m about to tell you,” from the Oatmeal is worth the few minutes of your time it will take.

You’ll learn about presidential teeth, Napoleonic height, poop, and flies, but also about something much more important.

Comics Design



Far from an original idea (I don’t even need to google it to know that there will be a hundred takes on superhero coats of arms) but it was fun to think how I might represent each hero without just resorting to their logo/uniform on a shield.

Banner is a personal fave. The two halves of his shield for the two halves of his personality. The left side has a snake wrapped around a staff, a nod to his title (I know he’s a physicist rather than an MD but we do see him treating the sick), by cropping the head/tail of the snake also represents a gamma wave.


The snake wrapped around the branch also led to the crest: a dragon chasing a dove. In medieval bestiaries, doves would fly to the Peridexion tree to escape the dragon (the devil) and the tree would keep them safe. On the shield the serpent is climbing the tree, it simultaneously represents the good Banner could do as a doctor and the worst that he lets in to the world.

Natasha’s crest is fun too. All the guys have such martial crests but she’s a spy, hers should be more subtle.


The wheel has eight spokes (legs) and looks like a spider sat on a web, it also spins thread like a spider, or spins a yarn like a spy. And if fairy tales have taught us anything it’s that a spinning wheel can be pretty deadly: Natasha isn’t the girl pricking her finger on the spindle, she’s the point of the needle.

A bit of fun for a Sunday morning.

Comics Film


A *lot* of new trailers…


I still haven’t watched BvS, I will one of these days but the more I saw the less interested I was. The Wonder Woman and Justice League trailers have repiqued my interest.

Wonder Woman

So… Wonder Woman is a total badass. Superhero with shield in WW2 brings to mind another comic book property but this looks like the war portion will be more grounded than Cap fighting Red Skull (apart from the part where she’s straight out of Greek mythology and has a magical lasso). Hopefully Zach Snyder’s contribution isn’t much more than those couple of slow-mo shots.

Justice League

It looks fun! The grimdark of the BvS trailers really put me off so it’s great to see a DC trailer with some fun. I’m a big fan of the Flash (thanks Grant Gustin!) and his sequence here made me smile in a similar way to Spidey’s appearance in Civil War. We don’t get to see much of Cyborg, but casting Jason Momoa as Aquaman definitely looks like the best way to make Aquaman not a joke. He looks fucking terrifying.

Doctor Strange

I’m already excited about this, I don’t need much more encouragement. Part of me wishes I hadn’t watched it as I liked that Mads Mikkelson’s character had yet to be revealed, then again, it’s nice to see some more Chiwetel and that brief pinch of Benedict Wong.

King Arthur

I genuinely don’t know what to make of this.

I’m definitely looking forward to it, it looks fun, but it is not what I was expecting at all.


Apocalypse Kong? Yes please.

Comics TV

Power Man & Iron Fist

Comics Design



Cap for funsies. Mostly playing with outlines on my charges, adding helms and mantles, and crests. Thinking of working this up into a set.