Horiyoshi III

Hopefully Glen’s tattoo went well this afternoon – chatting about tattoos with both Glen and Alexis has made me think a bit more about whether I want a tattoo (which I’m pretty sure I do) and if so what I would want (which I am fairly clueless on).

Whilst scouting around for ideas I came across this interview with Horiyoshi III:

I think if I was to get a tattoo I wouldn’t quite have the balls to:

  • Have it done with what appears to be a large screwdriver
  • Have a full body irezumi

That aside his work is pretty amazing – reminds me of a guy I once saw in a Kyoto bathhouse.

More of his work from his website:

It appears you will also soon be able to buy Horiyoshi III clothing.

Animals Art

Inked Pigs

Wim Delvoye is a Belgian conceptual artist who by all accounts has done some pretty weird stuff. I’d not actually heard of him until I came across this post on Fabrik Project about his tattooed pig farm.

Delvoye started creating tattoos on pig skins from slaughterhouses and then began working on live pigs bred in a farm studio complex in China, using images such as the Louis Vuitton design and Walt Disney characters.


Wim Delvoye’s website has more of his projects (and is also one of those annoying Flash isometric town sites).

Art Books

Terrible Yellow Eyes

This one‘s for all the Sendak fans in the house



75 ways to draw more


By Michael Nobbs


Street/Body Art

The jerm IX tattoo project:

these tattoos are the beginning of what will be my body suit of jerm IX designs, all created by street artists in their respective styles.

the aim of this project is to celebrate street artists and commemorate their work in a more permanent form than the ephemeral nature of street art allows, and also to serve as a constant reminder for me to push forward on a quest for personal growth.

Art Photography

The warrior Morozumi Masakiyo kills himself in battle

My day in London was good fun, Ruth and I went to the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition in the morning which was very good, I think I preferred last year’s overall but some of the entries were still fairly stunning. Steve Winter’s winning piece was very very good and the junior category made me feel suitably inadequate.

After lunch we went to the Kuniyoshi exhibition which was also very good, though had slightly more penis than I was expecting. My new favourite piece of his is this one:

(btw if anyone’s feeling a little flush my birthday’s just around the corner…)