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Empire setlist, 7th May

Taught my first actual, full, Vibe Cycle class today! Figured I should keep a record of my playlists:

  1. You Got the Love – 2017 Remode | Dr Shiver, Candi Staton
  2. Good Luck (feat. Lisa Kekaula) | Basement Jaxx
  3. Faithless | DC Breaks, Bianca
  4. A Deeper Love (Sam Halabi Radio Remix) | Aretha Franklin
  5. The Chain | Fleetwood Mac
  6. Through The Night (Radio Edit) | Drumsound and Bassline Smith
  7. Party Goin | Mightyfools
  8. Believer | Imagine Dragons
  9. Roll on my Level | DJ Hazard, Summer Rayne
  10. Into the Night – Nero 1988 Remix | NERO, 1988
  11. Twistin’ the Night Away | Sam Cooke
  12. Cooldown Keep it Loose, Keep it Tight | Amos Lee
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2015 in awesome

The first seven or so minutes of this is very much Nope. Incredibly cool, but are you fucking kidding me? Holy shit I felt like I was going to throw up for the at least half of it. Then things get nice/funny/less extreme/slightly silly/very cute. (Then they get a bit extreme again)

(via kottke)



Sensational try from Kevin Penny.

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[I]t can be expressed as a rule of thumb for determining what the lead and remaining time have to be for a team to have a 90 percent chance at maintaining that lead: L = .4602√t, where L is the lead and t is the number of seconds remaining.* Using the formula, you can calculate that if a team has a 10-point lead with just under eight minutes left (like the Warriors did in Game 6), then 90 percent of the time, they’ll keep that lead for the rest of the game.

A new formula for predicting lead changes.

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If any of you saw Rope-a-dope a few years back (think Groundhog Day by way of Jackie Chan) there’s now a follow-up, and it’s just as much fun.

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I’ve seen some of this guy’s stuff before but this video is a pretty good all-round showcase of just how nuts/awesome he is.