Umbrakinesis for beginner

Umbrakinesis (mental manipulation of darkness) was going to be my word of the day*, then I found that I too could learn umbrakinesis!

It appears the Psion Nation forums have not a hint of irony. I don’t even know which parts to quote.

Umbrakinesis is the manipulation of shadow by a means of emittion of a repulsive field and manipulation of obverse from individual, when this repulsion is induced the dispersal of light dims the area to shadow

Psionics as your trying to teach here will simply not work. As very confident Umbrakinesis user after testing your technique I did not see any signs of Umbrakinesis here.

[M]y master said this is a very basic tech to master umbrakinesis, at least that was what i remembered from my past life…

I need to stop browsing these forums.

Want to know if you could combine your aerokinesis, telekinesis, pyrokinesis and even gyrokinesis to fly?

I, for one, have not achieved flight YET, however it is possible.

Want to start learning cryokinesis? Practice by putting your fingers in a bowl of lukewarm water for 5-10 minutes a day and concentrate on making it get cooler. Once you get good enough:

it is easy to create “armor” and aetherial “shields” around your body to protect from slashes from aetherial weapons

And let’s give some love to geokinesis:

…people will usually try telekinesis on rocks and try to call it geokinesis

Full disclosure: it would be totes awesome to be an earth-bender.

* I just finished the God Butcher/God Bomb arc of Thor: God of Thunder, the villain has said power

Illustration Superpowers




This and the previous post are both from the 75 Years of Batman show.

Illustration Superpowers



by Seb Masnard


That’s telekinesis, Kyle


Google Engineers figuring out which is the best superpower.

As powers go it obviously depends what you want to achieve but assuming you want to be a superhero of some sort (or even if you don’t) you need to think pretty carefully about the nature of your power.


If you want the power of flight because you’re lazy you need to make sure you’re not getting wings – even with (Arch)Angel-style hollow bones you’re going to have to flap those bad boys and flying is energy-intensive – you need to make sure you’re getting Nathan Petrelli style self-propelled flight.


A word of advice, anyone you meet who thinks Invisibility is the best power is a pervert. Straight up.


As the Google Engineers correctly surmise this is the power you want (of these three anyway). You don’t get the wind whistling through your hair as you soar on thermals, but you can get anywhere you like a hell of a lot quicker than flying there, and in terms of kicking ass (which neither of the others are that great for) the opening of X-Men 2 should tell you everything you need to know. Even if you don’t have a tail.

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A list of superuseless superpowers – I think my favourite of which might be the complementary chameleon – though as John said, as useless superpowers go being able to turn invisible but only when no-one can see you takes some beating.