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Busy busy

There’s a lot happening in the next couple of weeks, next week is Birmingham’s Ball and theĀ  Final Fling, both of which I will be cocktail waiting at (though possibly a little more like this) and Saturday is the first Lions Test, which if I had to call my Test 22 right now I’d go for:

Byrne, Bowe, BOD, Roberts, Fitzgerald, Jones, Phillips, Jenkins, Mears, Murray, Wyn-Jones, O’Connell, Croft, Wallace, Heaslip // Rees, Vickery, Hines, Williams, Ellis, O’Gara, Kearney

Then the week after is AMSU conference (for which I need to reinvent Agenda magazine’s online persona) and then Glastonbury.

In amongst all of that I also need to:

  • finish unpacking
  • put whatever I’m not going to unpack in the attic
  • possibly buy a piano
  • start going to the gym and/or running and/or playing basketball
  • watch series 5 of The Wire
  • buy series 2 of Deadwood
  • continue developing the SU site (see new development blog) and,
  • buy more hangers