Pick up and Play

Some of the replies to this got me thinking:

I run a D&D group, five of the players are completely new, one has played in the previous campaign I ran (Phandelver). They’re enjoying it but find some things too noodly. Skill check vs saving throw vs attacks, proficiency and when/what you add it to, what skills are tied to which abilities… They like succeeding, and as they get to grips they like being good at stuff, but without fail there’ll be sessions where someone has no idea how to do things (which one do I roll again?)

I’ve been thinking for a while now that the next game I run will be something simpler. Dungeon World, or maybe even Knave. In fact, I ran tonight and on the drive home listened to Board With Life’s Halloween special where they’re playing Knave:

Could you start a 5e game with Level 1 with characters essentially being like Knave characters, then introduce the extra bits as folks level up/get the hang of it? Or would folks not feel special enough? Does that gut too many class abilities/features?

I will ponder.

Games Illustration Me


Asylum is the second arc of Board With Life’s XP Academy series.

I love these guys, they just crack me up, and the adventure is cool (longtime readers will remember I’m running my own XP Academy campaign).

In Asylum, four residents of a village where beasts talk like men have committed the ultimate crime: they murdered and ate one of their kin. In fleeing they end up at the titular Asylum but asylum does not await them there. Our heroes must capture the creatures alive and bring them to justice but fate has other ideas.

Games Illustration Me

Disguise Self

“I cast Disguise Self” – Mazwin Gelbard Trundleclink

Update: I fancied giving it a splash of digital colour:

Games Illustration Me


“The marks on your fingers start to burn.”


The monsters have shops too, right?

The bullywug shopkeep from XP Academy!

If you like D&D, laughing, drawing, or winning books get on it!

Games Illustration Me


The wonderful Board With Life are running a fanart contest for their new D&D campaign, XP Academy (seen here), specifically for the first arc, Bullies, which finished this week.

First and foremost, this podcast is just funny. Laugh out loud funny. And I get a shit-ton of ideas for adventures from it (I’m currently running a group through my take on XP Academy).

Here’s my entry (well, first entry, I hope to knock out a few silly little ones too):

It took me forever to colour (I have a lot to learn about this drawing lark!) but I’m pretty happy with the result.